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Volume 1
The state prayers project began in 2007, supported by a three-year grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. As the project developed, it received additional funding from Durham University, the Marc Fitch Fund, and the Scouloudi Foundation. Philip Williamson received further assistance from the Leverhulme Trust. Joseph Hardwick’s research on special worship in the British empire has been assisted by Northumbria University.

State prayers project members:

Natalie Mears, reader in history, Durham University
Alasdair Raffe, senior lecturer in history, University of Edinburgh
Stephen Taylor, professor of history, Durham University
Philip Williamson, emeritus professor in history, Durham University

Joseph Hardwick is senior lecturer in history, Northumbria University

The National Prayers edition is published by the Church of England Record Society in co-operation with The Boydell Press. Membership of the Society enables its publications to be obtained at a discounted price.

The material on this website has been compiled by Philip Williamson and Joseph Hardwick. The design is by Joseph Williamson. The images are available under Creative Commons terms.

Contact for enquiries and suggestions about this website: 

p.a.williamson [at]

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