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The British Isles

Each historic kingdom of the British Isles – England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland – had its own special acts of worship. From the union of the crowns of England and Scotland in 1603 and the creation of the United Kingdom in 1707, a large number of these occasions were observed in two or all three kingdoms, creating special acts of worship observed throughout Britain or the United Kingdom. Occasions which were ordered just for churches in and around the capital cities of each kingdom are included in the lists, as these were intended to have significance for the whole kingdom.


Each kingdom had different ecclesiastical arrangements, and varying authorities which could order special acts of worship. ‘National prayers’ are defined as occasions ordered for observance in the established Church of England, Church of Scotland or Church of Ireland. The National Prayers volumes also contain comment on observance of these special acts of worship by members of other religious communities.


Links are provided below to a consolidated list of particular acts of worship in the whole British Isles, and to separate lists for each kingdom. These lists are derived from a list for the British Isles in National Prayers volume 1, with additions and corrections derived from subsequent research. Each occasion is given a code to assist cross references within the National Prayers volumes. A key explains these codes and other details in these lists.


Further lists provide details of anniversary commemorations for the whole of the British Isles, and occasions of special worship observed by British Jews.

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